Why Choose Us?


Licensed and insured commercial kitchen facility that provides food entrepreneurs space and equipment to prepare and process their food product.


We are willing to host a reduced and stable number of entrepreneurs instead of a large number of unknown people renting by the hour.


Always carefully selecting our tenants to achieve mutual collaboration between the different businesses renting the kitchen


We do not accept entrepreneurs of the same type of industry (i.e. two catering companies, two bakers, etc.). Only compatible business will be accepted.


  • 2,900 sqf of fully equipped Commercial Kitchen.
  • Stand alone building on a 7,500 sqf lot.
  • Centrally located next to the 27th Ave.
  • Address: 2180 NW 24th Ct., Miami Fl 33142.
  • Easy access to I-95, I-195 and 836 expressways.
  • Rear parking with access to the kitchen.
  • Rear access for easy loading.
  • Wireless internet access.
  • Social area for meetings or presentations to clients (needs de be scheduled in advance).
  • Assigned and locked storage cabinets.
  • Surveillance cameras and burglar alarm.
  • Centralized HVAC.


Main Equipment

  • Many Southbend and BetterBilt open burners Range Stoves with dual lower Ovens and Griddle flats (gas)
  • Southbend Stock Pot Range (gas)
  • Southbend Charbroiler (gas)
  • Southbend 2-door single convection Oven (gas)
  • Vulcan 2-door single deck Oven (electric).
  • Southbend Fryer and BetterBilt Fryer (gas)
  • Hobart Mixer
  • Kitchenaid 5-quart Mixer. •Panini Press Machine
  • Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Microwave.
  • Heating Box
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Walk-in Freezer
  • Ice Machine
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Stainless Steel Three-Compartment Sinks (2)
  • Hand Sinks (4)
  • Abundant Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • 46 feet long hood vent system with fire suppression system.
  • Separate Pantry and Dry Storage area.
  • All the small equipment needed in a commercial kitchen

Rental Requirements

  • Contact Information form filled-out.
  • Copy of Current Food License and/or Business Permit
  • Copy of Food Handler Certification (you must have at least one person that is actually certified by the State of Florida in the kitchen).
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance showing 2180 Kitchen LLC as additional insured:   $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) in General  Liability, for any one incident, specifically for the leased  premises.
  • Guaranty Deposit: One month of rent.


Full Time Option

Part Time Option

Main Obligations


Be respectful of other people using the kitchen work-space.

* * * * *

 Provide your own hand tools, small wares, paper products and linens.

 When using the Kitchen equipment, you are expected to work out mutually agreeable sharing arrangements with other users, clean it after use, and return it to its proper location.

 Is your responsibility to procure and secure any delivery.

 You’re expected to properly clean and sanitize your assigned space.

 You’re to sweep and mop the floors in all areas you use, including the sink areas and the scullery.

 Take out your trash. Trash bags should be tied and placed in the large dumpsters in the back. Be sure the inside of the garage receptacle is clean, and then insert a new bag.

 Lock your assigned storage cabinet.

 Double check all stoves, oven and hoods before leaving to verify they have been turned off.

 Lights must be turned off before exiting the building.



You’re expected to work within the rules and regulations  established by the Florida Department of Business  Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

* * * * *

  • Any fines incurred by WeCook Miami as a direct result of you or any of your employee failing to abide by these policies will be charged to your account.
  • Repetitive infractions, at the discretion of WeCook Miami, may cause the resolution of this agreement.



This kitchen is completely calm. Some of the old-fashioned chefs - they become kings in their kitchen, they've got to be called chef. But I don't care if someone calls me chef or Heston Bluementhal, The Fat Duck, it really doesn't bother me.